CHILDREN’S BOOK · ISBN 978-90-4887-2954

Illustration and cover design for Atalante, written by Barbara Jurgens, published by Uitgeverij Moon. 

I love diving into ancient cultures and mythology – so when I was asked to illustrate the story of Atalante, a female hero in Greek mythology, I couldn’t resist. The story is filled with marvellous side characters such as a one-legged raven, despicable centaurs and scheming goddesses. The book is light with humour, but also brave enough to not shy away from serious topics. For 9 years and older. 

As a baby, Atalante is abandoned in the forest. She is found and raised by hunters. Protected by Artemis, the goddess of the hunt, she grows stronger, running incredibly fast and being more skilled with bow and arrow than most male hunters. But no one seems to take her seriously because she is a girl. Girls cannot be stronger or faster than men, and girls certainly cannot become heroes. Or can they?

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